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The Hope Institute is founded on one goal – to help all who want a new way of life.

We are here to provide an expert level of compassionate care to those suffering from addiction, to inspire meaningful life changes, and create everlasting hope in the once hopeless.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides recovering individuals with a more flexible option in addiction treatment. Clients in our IOP program are initially assessed by the clinical team as requiring fewer treatment hours per week or have completed our partial care program. Clients will have the option to reside in one of our residential facilities or reside at home. IOP services are based on the same treatment principals as partial care. Clients attending IOP will continue to have access to all of our program benefits and specialized activities that are provided to those clients attending our PHP program.

Partial Care Treatment

The Hope Institute provides Partial Care Treatment (PHP) programs to help you or your loved one achieve sobriety. Partial care is the next level of care that takes place once the client completes the detox phase of the treatment process. Partial care is an intensive program that provides clinical treatment services in a stable, home-like environment. Our partial care program gives clients the ability to recover in a serene residential environment.

In PHP, clients will spend approximately five hours a day, five days a week at our treatment center. In addition to a live-in treatment option, clients can also attend PHP while living in the comfort of their own homes if appropriate. Clients will receive one-on-one counseling, psychiatric care, along with group therapy and support in a therapeutic environment. Clients will be encouraged to work on any underlying causes and conditions that may have contributed to their addiction. They will be exposed to the right coping skills to help them deal with life on life’s terms.

Outpatient Program

In addition to Partial Care Treatment and Intensive Outpatient programs, The Hope Institute offers Outpatient Programs (OP) designed for individuals who have a healthy living situation and require a lesser level of care. OP is for the client with obligations to attend to, such as a career or taking care of a loved one at home. Naturally, you don’t want to neglect those types of responsibilities. Outpatient programs can differ in the commitment required, from one session a week to several sessions a day, 5 days a week, which also includes telehealth. After a thorough consultation and evaluation, we’ll create a unique structure that suits your recovery needs best.

After Care

Our goal is to set you up for recovery success long after treatment ends. Our licensed specialists will help create a discharge plan that works for you to maintain sobriety. The purpose of aftercare planning is to avoid relapse and help guide you along the recovery journey. We work with clients before they leave our program and give them vital tools such as educational steps, vocational training, resume building, job interview training and skills to help ease the everyday stress of life. We also partner with various sober living & structured housing options across the country to help set up individuals with a place to go if they do not have a healthy living environment at home.

We also offer an Alumni Program that encourages all who enter and graduate our program the option to come back and share their experience, strength and hope with current residents. We have found that this approach helps all involved to build a meaningful life. We have found that when a patient reenters society, staying connected with others who are clean and sober is the lifeline of recovery. Our program emphasizes meaningful relationships and will connect you with individuals in the recovery community. We invite all who are a part of The Hope Institute family to participate in the Alumni Program.

Addiction is a disease that disrupts every corner of life. When you are admitted to our centers, we welcome you with an inspired, nurturing environment where you’ll learn to address the disease process and acquire the guidance needed to adopt a healthier way of life. Tools for living a healthy, meaningful sober life are what we give at The Hope Institute. As you learn to foster the changes needed for sobriety, you’ll plan for aftercare and receive relapse prevention tools that affirm and support your progress while preparing you for long-term recovery.